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Jesus was on the earth for 40 days after his resurrection. But then it came time for him to go to heaven. We call this the Ascension (to ascend means to "go up"). When Jesus ascended, he told the disciples that the Holy Spirit would come to be with them (stay tuned for Pentecost next week!) and he told the disciples that they now have a job to do:  their job is tell the world about Jesus. Explore the playlist below and reflect together on the Ascension.


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Read Acts 1:6-11


Watch the story of the Ascension.


I wonder... (1).png

Wonder together:

  • I wonder what it would have been like to see Jesus go up into heaven?

  • I wonder how the disciples felt when Jesus was gone again?

  • I wonder what heaven is like?

  • I wonder who the disciples told about Jesus?

  • I wonder how you will tell others about Jesus?



Pray to God with bubbles!

Think of something or someone you'd like to pray for. Then blow your prayer into your bubble wand and watch your prayers, like the bubbles, rise up to God! Continue blowing bubbles and adding your prayers.


Make Your Own Bubble Wands

Just like Jesus rose up to heaven, so do bubbles go high into the air, sometimes until we can't see them anymore. Enjoy making your own bubbles and bubble wands! As you blow your bubbles, think of Jesus going up into heaven.


What is Heaven Like?

Jesus ascended into heaven. What do you imagine heaven is like? Draw a picture of how you see heaven.


Enjoy a time of Children and Worship with the story "The Ascension."

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