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Listen, learn, speak up, and talk with your children and youth about justice and systemic racism. Click here for anti-racism resources for all ages.

Talking With Kids About COVID-19

Supporting Children's Emotional Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic (


Five Pandemic Parenting Lessons (Parenting Forward podcast)

A Prayer for Putting on a Mask (

How to Teach Children to Stay Six Feet Apart (No Time for Flash Cards)

How to Talk to Kids about Coronavirus (NY Times)

How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus (PBS Kids)

Helping Children with Scary News (Sally-Lloyd Jones, author)

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis (Child Mind Institute)

Naming Loss and Gratitude with Young People in These Uncertain Times (Fuller Youth Institute) 

My COVID-19 Time Capsule (graphic designer Natalie Long) - a wonderful activity to do with your children to help not only process feelings, but document their experience!

Faith Language

Is your family facing the death of a loved one or pet? Talking about grief and faith with your children and youth is so important. But we often wonder what we should say. Use these resources to support your children and youth as they experience grief. 


Be Honest and Concrete: Tips for Talking to Kids About Death (

10 Tips for Preparing a Child for a Loved One's Death (

How to Tell a Child Someone Died (

Supporting Students Coping with Grief (

10 Tips for Supporting Grieving Kids (

Saying Goodbye to Pets (


Books for Children Experiencing Loss or Trauma (National Association of School Psychologists)

Ten Essential Children's Books about Grief (

The Little Blue Bottle (Jennifer Grant) - beautiful book about wondering how God is near when we suffer. 

The Memory Box: A Book About Grief (Joanna Rowland, Thea Baker). A book that describes making a box of memories. 

The Memory Box: A Grief Journal for Children and Families

Faith in an Anxious World
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