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Celebrate Earth Day as a family! Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22. Enjoy this playlist as you celebrate God's good creation with your family and enjoy some time in creation together today!


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Read Genesis 1 together. Let your child share the refrain each time... "and it was good!"

For older children/youth - compare the two creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2.

Start your day with a reading from Genesis 1 and talk about God's good creation. Wonder together about how creative God must be to create this world! Ask each other - what are your favorite parts of God's creation? 


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I wonder what this scripture tells us about how creative God is?

I wonder...what are your favorite parts of creation?

If you were creating the world, I wonder what you would want to add?

I wonder if you know that you are God's good creation?

I wonder how we can best care for God's good creation?


Children Praying

Sing the thank you prayer song together, and pause each time you sing the phrase for someone to share something from God's creation for which they are thankful.

Sing to the tune of the first line of "Old McDonald":

Thank you, thank you, thank you God. Thank you God for...

Older children and youth: sometimes prayer is spending time in silence with God. Go outside and find a beautiful spot in nature. Pray with your eyes and ears open - be aware of God's beautiful creation and rest in God's presence.


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Background Scavenger Hunt

Get out in the backyard and hunt for God's creation!

Nature Easter Eggs

We're still in the season of Easter, so celebrate nature and Easter at the same time with these nature Easter eggs. 

Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers

(but hey, these could be fun for lots of ages!)

Vibrant Faith @ Home Earth Day Activities from

Take Root, Sprout, Grow - Vibrant Faith
Earth Day Service - Vibrant Faith at Hom
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