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Engage in a time of worship with your children through these Children and Worship videos.


Gather your children's Bible and a candle to participate in worship together.

Feel free to pause the video at certain points to wonder together about the story, to respond to the story by drawing/coloring or retelling the story with materials from your home, or to pray together. 

Pentecost - May 23, 2021

The Ascension - May 16, 2021

Baptism - May 9, 2021

The Good Shepherd and the Lord's Supper

April 25, 2021

Jesus Appears to Thomas - April 11, 2021

Jesus the King - March 28, 2021

Jesus and Bartimaeus - March 14, 2021

Jesus in the Wilderness - Feb. 28, 2021

The Transfiguration of Jesus - Feb. 14, 2021

Jesus Makes Lazarus Alive Again

The Good Shepherd and the Wolf

May 2, 2021

Jesus Appears to the Disciples by the Sea

April 18, 2021

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

April 4, 2021

Jesus and Zacchaeus - March 21, 2021

Jesus and the Children - March 7, 2021

The Lenten Puzzle - Feb. 21, 2021

Jesus Heals Two Daughters - Feb. 7, 2021

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Boy Jesus in the Temple

Jesus Heals Two Daughters

The Most Important Commandment

Jesus is Baptized

Jesus and the Paralytic

The Gift of the Poor Widow

Who is the Greatest?

Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples

The Light

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