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Jesus appeared to his disciples many times during the 40 days after his resurrection. But then it came time for him to go to heaven. We call this the Ascension (because to ascend means to "go up"). When Jesus ascended, he told the disciples that the Holy Spirit would come to be with them (stay tuned for Pentecost next week!) and he told the disciples that they now have a job to do:  their job is tell the world about Jesus. Explore the playlist below and reflect on the Ascension.


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Read this story in your Bible in Acts 1:6-11.  

Reflect on the story through the commentary "Ascension" from the Salt Project and think about how Jesus call was to GO and share, not just stand there and look up to heaven.


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Wonder about the scripture:

  • I wonder what heaven is like?

  • I wonder who the disciples told about Jesus?

  • I wonder how you share the good news of Jesus?

  • I wonder why we sometimes DON'T share the good news of Jesus?

  • I wonder if we're more comfortable looking up at the clouds and thinking about Jesus than sharing Jesus' love and good news with others?



Pray to God with bubbles!

Bubbles are fun, no matter what age you are! Think of something or someone you'd like to pray for. Then blow your prayer into your bubble wand and watch your prayers, like the bubbles, rise up to God! Continue blowing bubbles and adding your prayers.



What is Heaven Like?

Jesus ascended into heaven. What do you imagine heaven is like? Make a video or take pictures of things that reflect your idea of what heaven will be like (then share it on social media!).

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