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Alleluia! Christ is risen! On Easter, we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead. We celebrate Christ's victory over death.  

Explore the playlist below and reflect together on the significance of this day.


Parents - check out tips on how to make your Easter celebrations more spiritually meaningful in the Parent resources!


Children's Video

Watch this video that tells the story of Easter. Do you have a children's Bible at home? Look up this story in your Bible after the video and read it together. 


Youth/Adult Video

Watch this creative, contemplative reading of the Easter story as told from John 20. What words or images stir in you as you hear and see it?


I wonder... (1).png

Wonder together:

  • I wonder if you've even been surprised before? Share a good surprise with your family.

  • I wonder what Mary thought when she came to the tomb and it was empty?

  • Mary and the women went to tell others the good news that Jesus is risen. What good news can you tell others about Jesus?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus doesn't appear to people today?

Check out this video to learn more!


Children Praying

Pray together:

Alleluia! The Lord is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia! Risen Lord, we praise you! We celebrate your love for the world through Jesus Christ. Help us to share the good news that Jesus is alive! Alleluia! Amen. 



Journey to Easter

Add to your  "Journey to Easter" display in your house for Easter.


Click here to get access to the coloring sheets and instructions.


Easter Scavenger Hunt.png

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Great for children AND youth! ​ Fill up your Easter basket with items that help tell the story of Easter.

Adapted from St. Luke's Presbyterian, designed by Rosalie Bradford.


Flowering the Cross

Flowers are a sign of new life in spring. Through the resurrection, we have new life in Christ! Decorated your cross (from Good Friday) with flowers as a symbol of the new life we have in Christ. ​ Click the image for instructions on how to make tissue paper flowers.


Enjoy a time of Children and Worship together with the story of "Jesus is Risen".

unnamed (2).jpg

Alleluia Poster

Create a beautiful Alleluia poster to hang in a window and share the good news with all who walk by!

Thanks to Illustrated Ministry for this free resource.

Resurrection Practices.png

Resurrection Practices

Engage in these resurrection practices during the season of Easter! (Did you know Easter is more than one day? The Easter season is seven weeks long!). Resource from Traci Smith

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