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Resources adapted from the Faith Practices Project:

"The practice of engaging scripture immerses us in the true story of God's faithful love so that we become more like Jesus as we grow in recognizing God, ourselves, and the world around us.

CRCNA, Faith Practices Project


Following Jesus Journal Pages:

Engaging Scripture

Click on the journal pages for suggestions on what to read, wonder, and how to practice engaging scripture.

(Adapted from CRCNA's Faith Practices Project)

5 Ways to Retell a Bible Story with Kids.png

Five Ways to Retell a Bible Story with Kids

This document includes tips for engaging children in the Bible.

(Dwell At Home resources, CRCNA)

Engaging the Bible Together image.png

Engage the Bible Together as a Family

This document includes simple ways to engage your whole family in reading the Bible.


Bible Stories Reading Plan.png

Bible Reading Plan

Looking for a simple plan for reading the big story of God's love for God's people? Check out this Bible reading plan!

Kids can color in the blocks as they read the verses.

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