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Anxiety is on the rise in our world, and not just because of what we've experienced in the last few years during the pandemic. How do we respond to the anxiety we feel? What might God be telling us through our anxiety? And how does our faith guide us in healthy ways to cope?

(Resources inspired by Fuller Youth Institute's Faith in an Anxious World series)


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Spend some time reflecting on these stories where Jesus literally "gets in the boat" with the disciples during an anxious time.

Mark 6:45-51

Mark 4:35-41

Luke 5:1-11



Four videos from the series: "Faith in an Anxious World" (Fuller Youth Institute)

Session 1 - Life in an Anxious World



Session 2 - Life in a Relational World



Session 3 - Life in a Hurting World



Session 4 - Life in a Thriving World




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  • What's making your boat feel unsteady lately? Make a list of your anxieties.

  • I wonder what God might be trying to tell you? Where do you see God at work in the midst of your anxiety?

  • I wonder what healthy ways you've tried to learn to cope with stress?

  • I wonder who in your life you can talk to safely about the anxieties you're experiencing?




Regular mindfulness/review of your day using an ancient spiritual practice called the prayer of Examen is a helpful way not only to connect with God, but to also manage anxiety. 

Three options for practicing Examen:

1. Use the Prayer Challenge posted here.

2. Download the "Reimagining Examen" app on your device

3. Use this series of videos from Fuller Studio to guide you through the prayer.



Grow Your Circle

Who is in your trusted circle of adults you feel comfortable calling on when you need to talk about how you feel?

Check in with one of those adults this week. Share what you find making you anxious lately and ask if they can share any helpful practices to listen to and learn from their anxiety.

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