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There are many images we use to describe who God is and what God is like: Father, Shepherd, King. But one image we don't think about often enough is how God is like a mother. During this time that we celebrate mothers, grandmothers, and special people in our lives who love us as a mother would love a child, explore the playlist below and reflect together on how God is like a mother who cares for, protects, and loves her children.  


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Look up these verses in your Bible that reflect on God as a mother:

    Deuteronomy 32:11-12

    Isaiah 66:13

    Matthew 23:37


Reflect on what God is like through the storybook "God is Like a Mother Hen" by Carol Stahl Bohler


I wonder... (1).png

Wonder together:

  • I wonder: how do you know your mom/grandmother/special person loves you? 

  • I wonder how God is like a mother?

  • I wonder how you would describe what God is like?

  • I wonder how you can thank God for God's love and care for you?

  • I wonder how you can thank your mom/grandmother/special person for the love they share with you?



Children Praying

Mother God, you love and care for me just as a mother cares for her children. Thank you for your love and care. Thank you for placing special people in my life who love me so well. I thank you for....(name moms/grandmothers/special people who share their love with you). Help me to love as I have been loved. Amen.



Heart Bookmark

Make your mom/grandmother/special person a heart bookmark using these instructions. On the heart and the stick, write all the things you love about them.

Make another bookmark to use in your Bible and write on it all the things you love about God.

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Flowers of Love

Create a flower out of colored paper (or color your own!). On each flower petal, write or draw what you love about your mom/grandmother/special person. Create several flowers this way and give a bouquet! (It does not have to be as detailed as these instructions go into - just a simple flower with petals would do the trick!).​ You could make another flower and describe what you love about God!


Celebrate this Mother's Day with a story about a woman in scripture who followed in the ways of Jesus. Enjoy a time of Children and Worship together with the story of "Dorcas Helps the Poor in Judea".

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