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Thomas was one of Jesus' disciples. When Jesus appeared to the other disciples after he had died and was raised again, Thomas didn't believe the disciples. Sometimes people call Thomas "Doubting Thomas" because he doubted Jesus was alive. But Thomas was honest about what he was thinking and feeling and the questions he had about Jesus. And Jesus showed up in the midst of his doubt in a powerful way! 


Explore the playlist below and reflect together about how our questions about our faith help us grow in faith.  


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Read this story in your Bible in John 20:19-31.  

Check out this commentary "Three Kinds of Doubt" from the Salt Project for a different take on the story of Doubting Thomas.



Listen to and reflect on this song "Doubting Thomas" from Nickel Creek. (actual song starts at 1:28) 


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Wonder about this:

  • Have you ever been left out of something that other people got to experience? How did that feel?

  • I wonder how Thomas felt when the other disciples described their experience with seeing Jesus again?

  • I wonder how Thomas felt when he saw Jesus for himself?

  • What doubts have you struggled with in your faith?

  • If Jesus was standing in front of you, what questions would you want to ask him?

  • We don't get to see Jesus physically like the disciples did. But Jesus told the disciples he would send the Holy Spirit to them. We can see Jesus at work in the world through the Holy Spirit. How do you see Jesus in the world?



Children Praying

What questions do you have for God? Prayer is a conversation with God, involving both talking AND listening. As your prayer, ask your questions to God and sit in stillness with God, trusting in the midst of your questions. 




Journal Your Questions

Start a journal (from a journal you have at home or make your own out of paper, or use this link for a fun, easy make-your-own journal!). At the top of each page, write a different question you have about faith, God, or life. 

Take one question a day or one question a week and journal your thoughts about the question. Do some of your own research on it and add it to the journal. Ask your parents, your friends, your pastor, your youth leaders, your grandparents or others you trust to get their perspective. Use the journal for reflection and to guide you in prayer with God.

Know that faith is not about having all the answers, but we can journey in faith together by being honest with one another and with God about our faith.

Question Box.jpg

Create a Question Box

Find a small-sized box at your house and decorate it however you wish. Have a parent help with cutting a slit in the box big enough to fit a small piece of paper through. Label the box the "Question Box." 

Cut up some small pieces of paper and lay it by the side of the box. Anytime someone in your family thinks of a question they have (about life, faith, God, or more), you can write it on the piece of paper and slip it into the Question Box. 

Place the Question Box in the middle of your kitchen table (or wherever else your family gathers frequently). Each time you sit down to eat or gather as a family, pull a question out of the question box and discuss how you would answer it. 

Phone a friend - need help thinking through a question? Call a friend, grandparent, pastor, Sunday school leader, or another person you trust! 

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