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Resources adapted from the Faith Practices Project:

"As a faith practice, listening involves training ourselves to recognize God's voice (John 10:1-6) in the midst of all the other voices calling for our attention. It involves learning to be fully present in the moment, setting aside distractions that keep us from attending to and responding to God's presence around us."

CRCNA, Faith Practices Project

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Following Jesus Journal Pages:


Click on the journal pages for suggestions on what to read, wonder, and how to practice listening.

(Adapted from CRCNA's Faith Practices Project)

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Podcast: Open to Wonder

Is It My Lunch Speaking or the Lord?

Enjoy this podcast episode on the faith practice of listening from Open to Wonder, a podcast series that helps us imagine together what faith looks like in our day-to-day lives. 

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5 Ways to Practice Listening With Your Family

Use this resource to practice listening as a family. (

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