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Palm Sunday marks the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey while the crowds cheered "Hosanna!" (which means "save us") and waved palm branches.


Explore the playlist below and reflect together on the significance of this day.  


Children's Video

Watch this video that tells the story of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Do you have a children's Bible at home? Look up this story in your Bible after the video and read it together. 


Youth Video

All four gospels tell the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem. Glance at all four and note what similarities and differences you see. Then watch the video and see if you can see elements of the four gospels in the video.


Matthew 21:1-11        Mark 11:1-11        Luke 19:28-24         John 12:12-19



I wonder... (1).png

Wonder together:

  • I wonder what it would have been like to be in the crowd as Jesus rode through the streets of Jerusalem on a donkey?

  • If Jesus came to your town, how do you think you would greet him? How would you celebrate him?​ What would you shout?

  • The people celebrated Jesus as a king, but he was a different kind of king than they were expecting. For one, he rode in on a donkey instead of a big horse. I wonder what kind of king Jesus was like?

  • I wonder what Jesus' kingdom is like?



Children Praying

Pray together:

Saving God, we are ready to welcome Jesus in our lives. We praise Jesus' name. We celebrate that you sent Jesus to love and to save the world. Be with us this week as we journey with Jesus. Amen.




Journey to Easter

Make a "Journey to Easter" display in your house and add to it throughout Holy week.


Click here to get access to the coloring sheets and instructions.


Make a Palm Branch

Choose one of these options to make your own palm branches and then have a palm parade in your home or outside and shout Hosanna!

Print and color this palm branch!

Palm Branch.png

Make your own palm branch by cutting out your handprints!

Handprint Palm Branch.jpg

Grab a branch or leaf from your yard!



Enjoy a time of Children and Worship together with the story of "Jesus the King."

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