Jesus loved his disciples, but he knew he wouldn't be on this earth much longer. And so he promised the disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit to be remain with them as their helper (some versions use the word Advocate, which is another way of saying helper). Explore the playlist below and reflect together on the promise of the Holy Spirit for us.


Read John 14:15-21


Enjoy a whole lesson on this scripture with music, story, and activities from Sparkhouse Family Sunday School (scripture reading starts around the 4:00 mark)


Wonder together:

  • What make someone a good helper?

  • Who in your life is a good helper?

  • I wonder how the Holy Spirit is like a helper?

  • I wonder if you've ever made a promise to someone?

  • I wonder if you know that God's promises are for you?

  • I wonder what some of God's promises are?



Holy God, thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to be our helper who helps us follow Jesus. Thank you for your promise to always be with us. Amen.


Chalk Drawings

Watch the Children and Worship video below and respond to the story using chalk and a dark piece of paper. How does the story make you feel? What does the story make you think about? Draw the story in your own way.

Screenshot (74).png


Jesus promised his disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit. Download this activity page to discover what other promises can you find in the Bible!​ (activity page from Sparkhouse Family Sunday School)


The Children and Worship story of "The Light" helps us think about how the Spirit can be in all times and places and with us always.