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On the day Jesus appeared following his death and resurrection (Easter!), two of Jesus' friends were walking along the road to Emmaus (a town near Jerusalem). The two friends are sad because Jesus died and they're confused about reports that the tomb was empty . Jesus comes alongside the friends, but they do not recognize him. Discover how the disciples realize it's Jesus with them!


Explore the playlist below and reflect together on this story.  


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Look up this story in your Bible and read it together from Luke 24:13-35.  



Watch the story of the Road to Emmaus.



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Wonder together:

  • I wonder why the disciples didn't recognize that it was Jesus walking with them?

  • Think of a time you've been surprised. When did something happen that you weren't expecting?

  • I wonder how they felt when they recognized Jesus when he blessed and broke the bread?

  • I wonder what it was like to go and tell others that Jesus is alive?

  • Who can you tell the news to that Jesus is alive?



Children Praying

Loving God, thank you for coming to us in Jesus Christ to show us how much you love us and this world. Help us to trust you even when we don't understand. Help us to share the good news that Jesus is risen! Amen.




Take a Walk

Take a walk with your family. As you walk, think about those two friends on the road to Emmaus and Jesus' appearance to them.

  • The two friends were sad about the death of their friend, the person they had hoped would be their king.

    • Is there anything you're sad about right now? Talk with your family about this. 

  • As they walked, Jesus appeared to them, but they did not recognize him. 

    • Sometimes we don't notice the things around us. As ​you walk, take a closer look at God's world around you. What are you walking by that you normally don't notice? Take some time to really see your surroundings.

  • Make your way back home and enjoy a snack while you talk about the part of the story where the friends recognize Jesus when he blesses and breaks the bread. 


Enjoy a time of Children and Worship together with the story of "The Road to Emmaus".

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