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Day 3
The love of Jesus helps me face challenges.
We live together in God's love.

Mark 4:1-9

Eco Questions:
What challenges creation?
What happens when creation is in harmony?

Spiritual Questions:
What challenges my faith?
What happens when my head, hands, and heart are in harmony?

Consider these @ home ideas to continue reflecting on this week's Summer GiFT theme.



Parable of the Sower - Mark 4:1-9

Watch this video of the story of the Parable of the Sower and spend some time wondering together at the end of the video.


Enviroscape Demonstration

Watch this cool demonstration about water runoff that Sharon and Laura were going to lead.  

Hungry Planet

Good soil feeds the plants that become food for the world. View this video to see how different foods grow in different parts of the world and how different families eat around the world. 

Apple as Planet Earth

Check out this cool simulation and reflect on the importance of preserving good soil and preventing erosion. How does the soil on Earth provide enough food for the world?


Where Does a Raindrop Go?

Check out this website and watch a raindrop travel from where it first falls, through US watersheds, and then to the ocean!

Bulletin cover.png

Make a Creation Care Commitment

Feeling like you can make a change to better care for creation is also hard. Making a change starts by seeing the need for a change, and then helping others to see the need for change too.


Some changes, even though they are simple, can be challenging to commit to. But even simple changes can make a difference!

Check out this list of creation care actions and choose a few your household will commit to.

  • Conserve water by showering for five minutes or less (save 12.5 gallons of water if you shorten by just five minutes)

  • Recycle every chance you can get

  • Throw trash only in a trash container…not on the ground!

  • Bike, walk, or carpool when you can to reduce emissions

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room

  • Turn off computers and TVS when done with them

  • Use both sides of paper when printing (use scrap paper when you can)

  • Reuse items - be creative!

  • Grow vegetables at home or help with a community garden

  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth

  • Fix dripping faucets (save 20 gallons a day!)

  • Collect rainwater in a barrel to water the garden

  • Decide what you want before you open the refrigerator door.

  • Eat your leftovers (reduce food waste)

  • Use green cleaning products

  • Research how your community regulates waste

  • Contact your representative about a creation care issue you’re passionate about

  • Shop thrift stores or fair trade stores

  • Reduce your use of paper and disposable products

  • Track your waste for one week. How much of it can be replaced with recyclables or reusables?

  • Use a reusable water bottle


Soil Painting

Soil keeps the whole earth healthy and alive. Soil feeds the plants, anchors the roots of plants and trees, helps water go where it is supposed to go, and cleans the rainwater that falls to the ground. Celebrate the beauty and gift of soil by making a soil painting!

Grab some paper at home or get a canvas from church and find a variety of mud types. All you need is a paintbrush, some water, and some mud! Paint with soil...maybe you can paint your favorite place in creation!


I Spy - Creation Care

Take a walk through your neighborhood or a park near your house. Take turns playing 'I Spy' for things in creation. Whoever guesses correctly then names ways they can care for that part of creation.  

How do you think God calls us to care for that specific part of creation?


Bird House

Everybody Needs  Home

Draw a picture of your house and include the things you need to live (a place to cook food, where you sleep, your source of water).


Share your picture with your family, and talk together:

What in your picture do you need to live?

  • How/where do you find what you need to live? Where does your food come from? Your water? Your bed?

  • How is your home similar to an animal’s home? Pick an animal you really like and think about what that animal needs to live compared to what you need to live.

  • How do animals find what they need to live? Where does their food and water come from? Their shelter/bed?

  • How can we best care for our homes?

  • How can we protect the homes of animals?


We as part of the family of God need one another and need community in order to live well.

  • What do we need from our faith community?

  • What can you give to others in your faith community?

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