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Day 1 - God's Love is a Seed in Me

Mark 4:1-9  "A sower went out to sow..."

Eco Question: Why do people plant seeds?
Spiritual Question: Who does God plant seeds?

How is God's love being planted in you? Consider these @ home ideas to continue reflecting on this week's Summer GiFT theme.



Scattered Seed Cards

Make a seed card from old greeting cards and spread seeds of God’s love as you share the cards.


What you need:

· water soluble glue: Elmer’s glue (thinned with a little water)  or a flour glue, mix 1 flour to 1 1/2 water

· card stock paper (folded) or for a greener option, reuse an old greeting card (glue paper over the old greeting card to create a blank card)

· white tissue paper (in your pod pack)

· pack of flower seeds (in your pod pack)


Talk together as you create: How can we spread the seeds of God’s love?


To make: Brush glue on card (you might want to spread the glue in the shape of a heart!), sprinkle lightly with flower seeds. Place tissue (cut to size of seeded area) on top of the seeds and press onto seeds. If the tissue is not sticking, lightly brush a little glue on top of tissue. Be careful not to get the tissue too wet because it will tear easily. Let dry. Write on the card—”God’s love is a seed in you!”


Add these instructions for the card recipient:

“This seed card is ready to plant. Cut around the tissue covered seeds. Place on the group or in a flower pot filled soil. Lightly cover with soil and water. Keep the seeded area moist and you will be rewarded with tiny seedlings that will soon grow into a patch of flowers.”


Seed Scavenger Hunt

Seeds are all around us. How many can you find?


What you need:

· Container or bag to collect seeds


I wonder how many different types of seeds are in your neighborhood? Be a seed scientist and explore your neighborhood or a park, collecting seeds in your bag/container.


Only pick up seeds off the ground (removing seeds from plants at this time may mean they won’t grow later).


When you’re finished collecting, lay out the seeds and get up close to observe what you found. Size? Shape? Texture? Color? Sort in groups—small/medium/large; smooth/rough


Talk together:

· How were some of the seeds alike?

· How were they different or special?


Just like there are many seeds with special differences, we can spread God’s love in different and special ways. God’s love is a seed in us! What’s one special way you can plant the seed of God’s love in your neighborhood or community? Commit to carrying out your idea this week!


Eco Art

Did you enjoy our pod activity at GiFT? Find some nature items where you are and create your own sculpture of God's creation, like this owl made by one of our youth!

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