New Life - God leads us to new life. When we follow God, it's like we put on new clothes - the team jersey of God's team. See what it looks like to have a "new" life with God. 

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1, 22-32

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This Week's Song

I'll Praise (I'll Do My Best)​

Revolution Energizer

Learn how to do this fun energizer and then do it on your own using the song!​

Song: Revolution by  Kirk Franklin

Tie Dye

Instructions for tie-dying the bandanna in the Wednesday bag. Be sure to find a good place (outside maybe!) to do this. Adult supervision of this activity is recommended!

God's Team Jersey

Decorate the team jersey coloring page in your bag. Draw a number or a symbol for you and then color in the shirt. Add the magnet (from your bag) to the back of the shirt and then hang it on your fridge or metal surface to remind you that you are a part of God's team!